CNC Grinding Machine for Internal and External Diameters \ GJ-400
Standard Equipment

Best Electrical Box Control System Configuration

The highly stable distribution system is a perfect planning Ko-Yen Precise Machinery insists on, which lowers the failure rate and enables the operation to run more smoothly.

Multiple Abrasive Wheel Re-seater

Special structural design plus fusion materials generate the best anti-collision effect.

Automatic Sensing Device

The grinding pressure within a given inch/diameter during processing can significantly reduce the time it requires, lower failure rate, and increase productivity benefits.

Hand Wheel Control System

A single section can be rotated using hand wheel, and configurations of axial switch can be customized based on customers’ needs.

Lubrication Alarm System

It accurately grasps the timing of lubrication control with an alarm system, which lowers the waste of lubrication and cost.


  • Intuitive graphic display
  • Humanized operation interface
  • Automatic program generation
  • Easy to understand
  • Comprehensive functions
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast start-up
  • Fool-proof safety design

10 grinding cycles

8 wheel dressing methods

A single key for generating G code to machining programs



For special wheel dressing